The promotions and transactions data sets are too large to be contained within the package. get_data() is a convenience function to download both full promotions and transactions data sets simultaneously from the source GitHub repository. An internet connection is required.

get_data(which = "both", verbose = TRUE)



Character string of one or more data sets to be downloaded. Can be one of the following; default is "both":

  • "both"

  • "promotions"

  • "transactions"


Logical indicator whether or not to download silently.


Downloading from Data originated from 84.51°, Customer Journey study, and were processes for analysis.


Downloading a single data set will result in a tibble whereas downloading multiple data sets will return a list containing each tibble. For specific details on a given data set see the data sets respective help file (i.e. ?transactions_sample).

See also

Use %<-% for unpacking a list with multiple tibbles to their own global environment tibble. You can also download a single data set with get_promotions and get_transactions.


# download transactions and promotions data sets # requires internet connection c(promotions, transactions) %<-% get_data(which = 'both')
#> Loading completejourney data sets from GitHub
#> Download complete. Learn more about these data sets at #>