An R data package that provides access to data in the Complete Journey Study provided by 84.51°. The data represents grocery store shopping transactions over one year from a group of 2,469 households who are frequent shoppers at a retailer. It contains all of each household’s purchases, not just those from a limited number of categories. For certain households, demographic information as well as direct marketing contact history are included.

  • campaigns: campaigns received by each household
  • campaign_descriptions: campaign metadata (length of time active)
  • coupons: coupon metadata (UPC code, campaign, etc.)
  • coupon_redemptions: coupon redemptions (household, day, UPC code, campaign)
  • demographics: household demographic data (age, income, family size, etc.)
  • products: product metadata (brand, description, etc.)
  • promotions_sample: a sampling of the product placement in mailers and in stores corresponding to advertising campaigns
  • transactions_sample: a sampling of the products purchased by households



To get a bug fix, or use a feature from the development version, you can install completejourney from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Downloading full data sets

Due to the size of the transactions and promotions data, the package provides a sampling of the data built-in with transactions_sample and promotions_sample. However, you can access the full promotions and transactions data sets from the source GitHub repository with the following:

# a convenience function to get both
c(promotions, transactions) %<-% get_data(which = 'both', verbose = FALSE)
## [1] 20940529        5

## [1] 1469307      11

Learn more

Learn more about the completejourney data, and the type of insights you can look for, at http://bit.ly/completejourney.


The Complete Journey data is available at: http://www.8451.com/area51/.